Douglas Park Ladies Championship

Some photos taken of the Douglas Park Ladies Championship day with some photos from some of the other Championships
IMG 0177  Fiona and Helen IMG 0176  On the 1st Tee with all the trophies IMG 0180  Driving off at the 1st IMG 0181  Fiona at the 1st
IMG 0182  Some Spectators IMG 0185  Helen chips at the 2nd IMG 0187  The Ladies Seniors going up the 8th IMG 0188  Aileen at the 8th
IMG 0189  Beverley puts up at the 8th IMG 0190  The Ladies Seniors on the 8th IMG 0191  Fiona at the 6th IMG 0192  John Telfer going down the 7th
IMG 0193  Calum Cooper at the 7th IMG 0194  Helen at the 7th IMG 0195  The Centenary Bridge at the 7th IMG 0196  Alex and Helen are the caddies
IMG 0197  Fiona with Bunny the referree IMG 0198  Calum at the 9th IMG 0200  The two Helen's IMG 0201  Alex and Fiona
IMG 0202  Alex and Fiona at the 8th IMG 0203  Franco at the 5th IMG 0204  Robert is the referree IMG 0205  Lindsay and Norma
IMG 0206  Franco lines up his put at the 5th IMG 0207  Hugh is the referee for the Senior Men's Match IMG 0209  The support for the Junior Match IMG 0210  Finlay Watson at the 8th
IMG 0211  Janet and the proud parents IMG 0212  Watching the mens Match IMG 0213  Sally and Bunny IMG 0214  Helen sinks a long putt on the 10th
IMG 0215  A sweetie is the reward IMG 0216  Betty Beith comes out to support IMG 0217  Climbing up the 12th IMG 0218  Spectators at the 12th
IMG 0219  Helen putts at the 12th IMG 0220  Fiona at the 13th IMG 0221  Helen at the 13th IMG 0222  Aileen and Beverley going to the 16th tee
IMG 0223  Beverley drives off IMG 0224  Aileen drives off IMG 0225  More supporters IMG 0226  The 14th
IMG 0227  Some more spectators at the 15th IMG 0228  On the 15th tee -- Beverley relaxes having won her tie IMG 0229  Behind the 15th tee IMG 0230  At the 15th green
IMG 0231  Mum and Dad watch --- Fiona squares the match at the 15th IMG 0234  Down the 16th IMG 0235  Fiona fires in at the 16th IMG 0236  Some more members watching
IMG 0237  Carol and Chris IMG 0238  Bobby looks worried IMG 0239  Hugh checks the score with Helen IMG 0240  John and Calum -- Men's Senior Championship
IMG 0241  Helen at the 17th IMG 0242  Hugh says hard luck to Aileen IMG 0243  Fiona at the 17th IMG 0244  Nearly there
IMG 0246  Helen says stop ! IMG 0247  Fiona's putt lips out IMG 0248  Helen sinks her putt to win 2 and 1 IMG 0249  Congrats all round
IMG 0250  Well done IMG 0251 IMG 0253 IMG 0254  Didn't she do well
IMG 0256  A time to reflect with caddy Alex IMG 0257  Finlay is the Junior Champion IMG 0258  The Watson Clan IMG 0259
IMG 0260  Back to the clubhouse IMG 0261  The 19th IMG 0262  The Men's Championship is over -- Andrew McNamara is the winner IMG 0263
IMG 0265  Franco (losing finalist) and Calum - Men's Senior Champ IMG 0266  Colin and Chris deep in discussion IMG 0269  Aileen (Runner Up) - Beverley (Senior Ladies Champion) IMG 0271  Helen (Champion for the 13th time) - Fiona Runner Up